Coaching process

Who do we work with

Typically you may be a senior executive assigned a new position of greater scope and responsibility.  Your leadership style, behaviour and mindset needs developing to ensure you have the capacity to meet the greater challenges of your role.

Or you may be need to manage multiple stakeholders and learn new tools and strategies within a complex social, political and rapidly changing environment.

Or you may be struggling with relationship issues or personal or legal situations, stress and overwhelm that require strategies and support to manage while keeping up with challenging demands of your job.


Grant conducts an initial client meeting where an agreement is reached to proceed with the coaching.

The first month involves initial meetings with the coachee to understand history, and create a working relationship and outcomes are established.  In-person interviews with 8- 10 people are conducted with colleagues, peers, direct reports,  Board, or senior executive and family.

Common themes emerging from the interviews, including both strengths, areas for development, reliability, integrity. Two or three areas are chosen to focus on.


Month 1: Introduction and Initial 360 Interviewing.

Month 2: Coaching programme and development areas established and agreed.
Coach works with client to develop action plans toward agreed change.

Month 3-6: Regular, Twice monthly individual in person coaching.  1-2 hour sessions.

Month 6:  Follow up, feedback revisit goals.
Individuals interviewed for feedforward of results.

Month 7-9 and onward to end of project:  Twice monthly face to face coaching.

Month 9-12:  Follow up and future actions.

Conclusion of overall coaching usually comes after about 9 months to 1 year after start.  Data is collected again from original interviewees and measurable results provided to establish results with suggestions going forward.

The entire process assumes being able to start coaching within 1 month after agreement to proceed, and that the executive, and most of the people involved in the 360 interviews are in the Asia Pacific area.