The CEO role is challenging

Getting appointed is only the beginning. CEOs have to deal with substantial, often unexpected challenges early in their tenures.

Demands on time and the need to manage their energy and communicate with multiple stakeholders. However prepared,  the velocity and complexity of the challenges encountered are often greater than expected.

As CEO’s need to make certain decisions, and they cannot consult in the same way as they did in other roles there is the need for external support. Many CEO’s describe the job as lonely and difficult to share problems with the team and board leaving the CEO with ultimate responsibility for the company’s conduct.

Coaching process

My strategic approach includes the following processes:

  1. Perform a detailed discovery and intake assessment. What is your life story, where are you now and what is your default future, what are your known and unknown strengths, constraints and likely opportunities? What do you need to gain true life and career satisfaction?
  2. Clarify your personal life story and personal values to determine your unique executive and professional capabilities.
  3. Develop an appropriate timeline for the realisation of your outcomes.
  4. Develop, refine and maintain your capabilities, messaging and languaging so that you clearly articulate your value to lead yourself and those you lead.
  5. Research. Discover as much as possible about possible futures for people to serve, and potential opportunities for you.
  6. Expand your thought leadership and influence. Keep in regular touch with your stakeholders and develop thought leadership. This may mean writing a book, writing blog posts.

I will fully support and guide you through what is normally an extremely difficult, turbulent, emotional and frustrating time in your life.

Making the commitment to change and grow can be difficult. I know. I’ve done it many times and with tens of thousands of clients. My work draws on over 30 years of my personal experience.