Christine (Chrissy) Wattie

Director| Leadership Programme Developer | Facilitator| Executive Coach

Chris is co-founder and director of Aroha and responsible for strategy, leadership, facilitation, coaching and organisational consulting.

Chris has over 30 years’ experience across many different contexts in NZ, Australia and globally. Chris works with her clients to co-create exceptional results.

Her background includes qualifications and training in facilitation, coaching, education, counselling, science, and professional membership of NZAC.chrisbest-business-photo-GW-final-edit-cropped-in-18-March-2017-183x300

Known for her warmth, passion and collaborative approach, Chris motivates individuals and teams to unlock their potential and get transformational results. Chris’ excellent communication skills enable her to work in partnership with any business and at all levels. Combining powerful business acumen with an engaging style, Chris adds real value to every client she works with.

Aroha leadership is aligned with Chris’ own purpose to work collaboratively with people and organisations in an authentic, relational, results focused approach that delivers sustainable, effective and transformational leadership for today.

When Chris isn’t working she loves spending time with family and friends, recharging in nature, engaged in various sports, reading a good book or relaxing with a glass of wine.

The Aroha leadership process has its roots in the 36+ year partnership that Chris and Grant have journeyed together. Along the way we have learned much from our 3 now adult children, Sarah and her partner Jeremy, Rachel, Ben and his partner Shannon, and from our extended families and friends. We are grateful to you all, and know that without the many valuable lessons we have shared together, the Aroha process wouldn’t be what it is today. Thanks to you all!